Candidate Sourcing - Storyboard

Elevate Talent Sourcing Storyboard

External pressures have made sourcing talent increasingly challenging. Passive sourcing practices of the past are no longer enough to fill pipelines and find quality...

Redesign the Candidate Experience Storyboard

Candidates have the power in today's competitive job market. Like consumers, they have choices and access to information about potential employers. An authentic, unique,...

Design an Impactful Organizational Alumni Program Storyboard

Most organizations fail to leverage alumni talent. Design a robust program that creates mutual benefit for both alumni and the organization.

Build a Customized Campus Recruitment Program Storyboard

The campus recruitment environment is complex and future graduates approach the labor market differently from experienced job seekers. Organizations need to find an...

Case Studies: Build a Customized Campus Recruitment Program

Refer to these case studies for examples of real-world campus recruitment programs.

Training Deck: Develop Storytelling in HR

Use this training deck to host training sessions for HR on how to develop their ability to become engaging storytellers.

Develop an Internship Program Storyboard

Create a structured internship program that supports organizational goals and talent needs, recruits diverse intern talent, and emphasizes intern integration within the...

Build an Employee Referral Program Storyboard

Many organizations currently have a referral program, but are unsatisfied with the results. Unlock the potential of employee referrals to provide a great employee and...

Determine the Right Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution for Your Organization Storyboard

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) isn't for everyone, but it can be essential to freeing up TA resources for strategic projects. Determine whether an RPO solution is...
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