Candidate Assessment - Solution Sets

Redesign the Candidate Experience

Changing workforce dynamics and digital access have shifted the power from employers to job seekers. Candidate expectations have escalated to match high consumer...
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Equip Managers to Recruit Quality Staff

Misalignment between HR and hiring managers on talent acquisition processes are causing inefficiencies. Improve alignment and talent acquisition quality equipping hiring...
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Increase the Efficiency of the Talent Acquisition Process

Organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to acquire quality candidates efficiently. Talent acquisition specialists are overwhelmed with the quantity of...
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Adapt the Talent Acquisition Process to a Virtual Environment

COVID-19 pushed organizations to shift to a remote environment, requiring TA to adjust its process to accommodate this change. Although some TA activities are easily...
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Design In-House Assessments That Improve Hiring Success

Most organizations conduct at least one assessment (usually an interview). However, according to CareerBuilder, one in five survey respondents stated they lacked the...
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