Workplace Policies

Pandemic Policy

This template provides a framework for a comprehensive policy in the case of a pandemic breakout within your region and the business continuity guidelines that can be set...

Green Office Initiatives Policy

Implementing environmentally friendly ("green") initiatives in the workplace has numerous benefits. Companies save money on supplies (less paper used), utilities (less...

Inclement Weather Policy

Severe weather conditions can pose a significant hazard to public safety, and your employees.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Situations may arise where employees have (or appear to have) a vested interest in influencing the outcome of a business decision for personal/private gain.

Anti-Violence Policy

Workplace violence is a threat to everyone, and incidents often go unreported.

Complaint Resolution Policy

Effective complaint resolution procedures are a vital component of the employment relationship. This policy provides a framework for resolving employee complaints in a...

Progressive Discipline Policy

A progressive discipline framework provides an effective way of sanctioning a range of undesirable workplace behaviors.

Recognition and Appreciation - Non-Profit Policy

Timely employee recognition is crucial to employee engagement. This template provides a comprehensive framework for a recognition and appreciation program in a non-profit...

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Accessibility in employment is one of the cornerstones of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This template provides a practical framework for creating an ADA...

Employee Handbook Template

An employee handbook is a valuable resource that provides one-stop access to key organizational policies and procedures for everyone in the organization.
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