Tools & Templates

Skills Inventory Tool

Use this tool to document the skills that exist in the workforce.

HR Policy Effort Assessment Tool

Use this tool to evaluate time required for policy development/revision to effectively outline a plan policy.

People Strategy Presentation Template

Use this template to present the people strategy and rationale behind it to stakeholders.

Sales Competency Library

This comprehensive sales competency library will help you select and develop your technical sales competencies.

Empathy Map Template

Use this template to develop an empathy map in order to synthesize employee thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Organizational Values Survey

Use this Organizational Values Survey to collect data for what values are reflected in the actions and behaviors of employees and what values employees want to see in the...

People Strategy Workbook

Use this workbook to capture key information and make decisions on the people strategy.

Standard Participant Training Session Evaluation Template

Participant reaction is the key to measuring the initial satisfaction of the training session, determining which areas are working, and which areas require improvement.

DRP Call Tree

Use this document in a disaster recovery or business continuity emergency to bring together your emergency response team and to communicate your next steps.

Knowledge Transfer Template

Use this template to ensure that job-related knowledge is not lost when employees leave the organization.
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