Attendance Management Policy

Managing attendance is one of the most complicated functions of an HR Department. Employees miss work for various reasons, very few of which are the same case by case....

Employee Code of Conduct

An Employee Code of Conduct document establishes rules for ethical behavior in an organization, as well as outlines recourse in the event of misconduct routes for...

Employee Records Policy

Employee records are kept for both legal and organizational requirements.

Secondment Policy

Secondment assignments provide an excellent opportunity for individual professional development while fulfilling business needs. A clear and comprehensive policy is...

E-Mail and Messaging Acceptable Use Policy

This template provides enterprises with a measuring-stick against which to weigh existing policy, as well as a foundation for new enterprises designing this policy for...

On-Call Policy and Agreement

Maintaining an organization where employees need to be on-call requires a finely-tuned policy to outline expectations.

Overtime Policy

Overtime is a common occurrence in many organizations. Although in some cases it is seen as a given condition, it should still be managed to ensure that overtime worked...

Employee Performance Appraisal Policy

Performance appraisals are an essential part of performance management because they deliver messages of success, improvement areas, goals, objectives, development...

File Storage and Sharing Policy

Data security is an urgent issue for any organization. Ensure your employees preserve the integrity of your organization's information by implementing a robust policy.

Disability Accommodation Policy

Disability accommodation is crucial to productivity, workplace diversity, and legal compliance. This template provides a framework for the accommodation process.
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