HR Strategy

HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Guide

Compare key player satisfaction with HR effectiveness. Use McLean & Company’s HROA diagnostic to identify and support organizational and key player needs.
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CHRO Roundtable: How Has HR Evolved Over the Last Year, and What Does It Look Like Going Forward?

A distinguished panel of senior HR executives discuss their HR journey over the past year with a specific focus on DEI and remote work.

Develop Business Continuity Management Response Plans Executive Briefing

Use this Executive Briefing to make the case to executives that HR needs to be involved in business continuity management.

Crisis Workbook

Use this tool to capture key information in one place while working through the crisis identification process.

Business Impact Analysis Tool

Use this tool to conduct and document a business impact analysis to inform a business continuity plan.

BCM Project Tracker

Use this tool to track projects that result from business continuity planning and crisis management efforts.

Relocation Checklists

Use this tool to plan for and coordinate the relocation of business operations and staff to an alternate site or work-from-home.

BCM Maintenance and Testing Schedule

Use this tool to track the frequency of testing and review activities for the business continuity and crisis management plans.

BCP Summary

Summarize HR's business continuity plans.

Emergency Response Plan Checklist

Use this document as a guideline to develop or review emergency response plans.
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