HR Strategy - Tools & Templates

Talent Implications Checklist

Use this checklist to help identify talent implications from your organization's strategy that will inform HR strategy and priorities.

Flex Time Policy

Use this template to set guidelines and the scope for your flex time work options.

Flex Time-Off Policy

Use this template to set guidelines and the scope for your flex time-off work options.

HR Dashboard Guide

Use this guide to pull data, visualizations, and storytelling together using best practices and design.

HR Dashboard Examples

Use these examples to get ideas and inspiration from sample dashboards.

Metrics Calculation Sample

Use this tool to understand how some common metrics can be calculated using Excel.

Frontline Change Management Workbook

Use this tool to document key information and create a toolkit for frontline managers.

Frontline Manager Change FAQ Template

Use this template to help frontline managers address common questions and concerns around change.

Change Reactions and Responses Tactics Catalog

Use this tool to enable frontline managers to identify change reactions, uncover underlying causes, and use appropriate tactics to manage reactions.

Frontline Manager Change Self-Assessment Tool

Use this tool to provide frontline managers with an assessment to provide insight into areas in which they would benefit from further training or tools.
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