Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Videos

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Webinar: Pitching Change Through HR Transformation and Influence

In this webinar celebrating Excellence in HR, Vivian Mora of Camarillo Properties discusses her background and uses swimming as a metaphor to...
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Webinar: Focusing on the Whole Person Concept as a Catalyst for Change

In this webinar celebrating Excellence in HR, Harleen Hines Smith of the Houston Airport System recalls her "non-traditional" rise in different...
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Webinar: Courageous Discussions on Racial Equity in the Workplace

In this Celebrating Black Excellence in HR webinar, Lori Bishop, Chief People Officer of Publishing Concepts, joins Cinnamon Clark, our Director...
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Webinar: CHRO Roundtable: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A distinguished panel of senior human resources executives share their experiences so far on their organizational DEI journeys, how they foresee...
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Webinar: Don’t Push Employees to Change Their Behavior, Nudge Them

Employees are often unaware of the impact that biases and heuristics have on their decisions. During this webinar we will discuss how HR can...
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Webinar: Embed Inclusion Into Your Culture

While organizations have strategically prioritized diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a competitive advantage, creating an inclusive culture...
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