Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Tools & Templates

Role Plays: Equip Managers to Adopt Inclusive Leadership Behaviors

Use these role play scenarios during manager training on inclusive leadership behaviors to give managers the opportunity to put their learning into action.

Executive Reflection Template

Distribute the Executive Reflection Template to senior leaders prior to the reflection workshop to encourage discussion of current behaviors and their impact on desired...

Biases and Heuristics Catalog

Use this template to understand some common biases and heuristics that may be influencing the decision-making process of your employees.

Inclusive Work Practices Template

Use this template to evaluate and customize work practices with leaders.

Inclusive Work Practices Examples

Use this template to review ideas of inclusive HR work practices and inclusion nudges.

Create an Inclusive Promotion Process and Policy

Use this guide to create an inclusive promotion process and policy in support of performance management.

LMS Download: Adopt Inclusive Leadership Behaviors

This interactive eLearning module helps managers build inclusive leadership skills. It is intended to interact seamlessly with your organization's existing learning...

LMS Download: Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This interactive eLearning module targets the Foundation of Diversity & Inclusion and is intended to interact seamlessly with your business’s existing learning management...

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Charter Template

Provide this customizable Employee Resource Group (ERG) Charter to newly formed ERGs to assist the group in outlining the scope, purpose, and goals and documenting...

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Primer

Use this guide to gain an understanding of key DEI concepts such as allyship, intersectionality, and privilege. Use the primer as a reference as you work through the...
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