Culture - Tools & Templates

Knowledge Check: Dynamic Learning Mindset – for HR

Use this knowledge check after training leaders on dynamic learning mindset to assess their understanding of the content.

DLM Handbook for HR

This handbook allows participants to take notes and complete activities during the Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset training.

Standard Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to gain deeper understanding of challenges and the effectiveness of current practices through focus groups.

Handbook: Reinforce Behavior With Employee Recognition

Use this participant handbook as a resource for participants to reference during and after the Reinforce Behavior With Employee Recognition training.

Recognition Ideas Catalog

Use this catalog to explore proven approaches to formal and day-to-day recognition.

Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Use this template to create an employee recognition nomination form.

Recognition Program Guide

Use this template to outline the structure of the recognition program.

Employee Recognition Survey Questions

Use this template to design a survey to gather employee feedback on recognition preferences.

Standard PESTLE Analysis Template

Use this template to conduct a PESTLE analysis to guide the assessment of your external environment.

Standard Internal Communications Plan

Use this template to document the plan for communicating anything internally to target audiences.
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