Culture - Tools & Templates

Executive Pre-Read: Culture Blueprint Reflection

Use this template to help facilitate in-depth reflection on how executives and senior leadership's behaviors support the desired culture.

Culture Design Kickoff Guide

Use this template to present the driving need and gain executives and senior leadership's commitment for culture design.

Standard DACI Template

Use this template to document key players' involvement, including who is driving and accountable for key activities and who must be consulted and informed.

Key Player Analysis Tool

Use this tool to identify, analyze, and prioritize key players based on their level of influence, interest, and current level of support. Review the Key Player...

Culture Facilitation Guide for Leaders

Use this guide to support leaders in facilitating meetings with their teams to integrate values into daily work practices.

Culture Assessment Working Document

Use this tool to document key findings and insights uncovered during the culture assessment.

Culture Assessment Report Template

Use this template to summarize and present culture assessment findings to executives and senior leadership necessary for culture design to gain their buy-in and commitment.

Culture Design Prompt Tool

Use this tool to facilitate discussions and identify gaps around the organization's current and desired culture.

Culture Blueprint Working Document

Use this tool to draft and record decisions made about the organization’s culture blueprint.

Culture Blueprint Template

Use this template to summarize and holistically review the organization’s completed culture blueprint.
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