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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Inspire Staff to Optimal Performance

Managers struggle with the “how” of inspiring their staff. This training ties inspiration to organizational vision, mission, and values to make training more concrete,...
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Optimize the Referral Program

In order to determine pain points, the current referral program must be benchmarked against standards to identify areas for improvement. A thorough understanding of the...
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Develop a Departmental Strategic Workforce Plan

Having the right talent in place isn’t a reactive process. Organizations must look ahead to determine talent requirements and assess workforce trends to meet strategic...
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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Effectively Resolve Conflicts

Conflict is consuming time and productivity levels. Use constructive conflict resolution to positively impact your organization.
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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Effectively Influence Organizational Stakeholders

A leader’s power is not derived from their position, but rather their ability to effectively influence others. In an age where organizations are flatter, global teams are...
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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Effectively Use Leadership Styles

The leadership style you choose to use at any given time has a direct effect on the result you achieve. High-impact leaders have a repertoire of many leadership styles...
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Develop a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for HR

Not only can HR help business leaders develop socially responsible business strategies and measure their impact, but an emphasis on socially responsible business...
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Train Managers to Coach for High Performance

While many organizations have adopted coaching initiatives, very few of these programs are effective. This blueprint will improve the value of coaching in your...
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Use Flexible Work Arrangements and Time Off to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Improve key performance indicators like productivity, employee engagement and the ability to attract and retain top talent through a tailored FWA program using McLean &...
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Effectively Manage the HR Policy Portfolio

Robust policies are crucial to all HR functions – well-managed policies keep things running smoothly. However, mismanaged policies result in significant monetary costs,...
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