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Develop an Effective Talent Retention Strategy

An ad hoc retention strategy is no longer sufficient. To remain competitive, organizations must develop an integrated talent retention strategy based in data analysis.
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Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

Managers don’t see the value of development planning and, therefore, don’t make time for it, causing employees to feel under-appreciated and disengaged. In McLean &...
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Develop a Comprehensive Competency Framework

Designing and implementing a competency framework can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Most HR departments are too busy with the day-to-day operations and do...
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Conduct an Annual Salary Assessment

Competitive compensation is a moving target; it can, and often does, change quickly. That's why regularly assessing competitiveness is so important; you want to be sure...
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Engage Millennials

Despite different experiences Millennials are driven by the same motivations as other generations. It is critical that organizations begin to focus on Millennial...
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Adopt Change Management Techniques to Lead the Organization Through Change

Effective change management is a critical capability as change is occurring with increasing speed and regularity. HR must step into the role of a change facilitator to...
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Build HR Capabilities

McLean & Company defines HR capability as the combined competency and capacity of the HR team. Assess the capability of your HR team to ensure that you’re ready to...
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Formalize a Learning & Development Strategy

Learning & Development strategies are essential for a well-integrated learning plan and solutions that address critical skills gaps. Stop using piecemeal initiatives and...
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Design a Pre-Hire Test to Select the Best

Finding and hiring the best talent is still a major challenge for most organizations; pre-hire testing has returned to popularity in recent times. Competency-based...
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Training Deck: Team Dynamics

This training deck is designed for managers of all levels. It outlines how to effectively navigate the four phases of the team lifecycle, develop positive team dynamics,...
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