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Train Managers to Take Ownership of Employee Relationships to Improve Engagement

Managers have the greatest impact on their team's engagement due to the closeness of the working relationship. Make significant improvements on the manager relationships...
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Optimize the Mentoring Program to Build a High-Performing Learning Organization

Many organizations have introduced mentoring programs without clearly defining and communicating the purpose and goals of the program – they simply jumped on the...
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Manage C-Suite Conflict and Increase Collaboration

Unhealthy conflict in the executive team can result in a lack of collaboration and have real impacts on the bottom line of the organization. The role of HR in addressing...
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Foster an Effective Feedback Environment

Feedback enhances employee engagement, organizational innovation, the impact of employee recognition, and the bottom line of the business. Foster a feedback environment...
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Train Leaders to Adopt an Informed Trust Approach to Drive Employee Engagement and Business Results

Leaders are sometimes reluctant to give trust to employees; in some cases they believe it is too risky, while in others they are loathe to give up control. Training on...
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Glimpse Into the Future Using Predictive HR Analytics

Predictive analytics support evidence-based decision making, improving the relevance of insights and the accuracy of decisions: a key success factor in today’s complex...
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Develop an Offboarding Plan to Manage Risk and Transition Employees Effectively

Employee exits, whether voluntary or involuntary, are an inevitable part of conducting business; however, few organizations have done enough to adequately prepare for the...
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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Be High-Impact Leaders

Trains managers on how to develop their leadership style, influence organizational stakeholders, resolve conflicts, inspire direct reports, make good decisions, and...
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Develop as an Effective CHRO

CHROs must identify and develop critical competencies that will enable them to operate effectively and strategically.
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Craft a Compensation Philosophy

The first step in compensation planning is the development of a compensation philosophy that clearly articulates the organization’s high-level approach to pay for each of...
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