Solution Sets

Make the Case for Employee Engagement

To face this changing world of work, organizations need to make employee engagement a priority. This solution set makes the case for improving engagement at your...

Train Managers to Handle Difficult Conversations

Managers avoiding difficult conversations negatively impacts employees, HR, and the business’ bottom-line. Train them up to stop avoiding, freezing, or giving in when the...
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Identify & Reengage the Disengaged

A manager owns the relationship with the employee but the employee owns their own engagement level. HR is there to facilitate and support the manager throughout the...

Refine the HR Organizational Structure and Optimize Department Efficiency

A poor, unplanned department structure means that your HR team’s efforts and roles are not strategic, or as efficient as they could be. Redesign your structure by...
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Embed Innovation in the Organization by Designing HR Programs that Drive It

Organizations are not always putting the right foundations in place in order to encourage and enable innovation within their organization. The key to implementing...
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Assess HR Outsourcing

Deciding whether to outsource HR functions is not an easy task. Perform a thorough evaluation of your options and arrive at a best fit solution for your organization.
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Train Managers on Compensation Philosophy & Effective Pay Communication

Pay discussions can have a profound impact on employee engagement and retention. Ensure your managers are prepared to effectively navigate them by providing comprehensive...

Develop an HR Plan to Effectively Manage the Merger or Acquisition Process

Give your merger or acquisition the best chance for success by thoroughly managing the process from due diligence well into the first year post-deal. Use our research to...
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Refresh Organizational Vision, Mission, and Values to Improve Business Performance

Companies that do not refresh their vision on a regular basis may experience catastrophic strategic failures. Many executives are so busy with day-to-day tasks that they...

Optimize the Internal Communications Strategy

With the increasingly complex business environment, dispersed employees, economic instability, and the rise of Generation Y in the workforce, strategic internal...
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