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Webinar: CHRO Panel: Providing Impactful Insights and Storytelling through HR Data & Analytics

"How will we know?" is the common refrain from business and HR leaders as they look to the effectiveness of HR programs and practices. The ultimate goal of collecting and using HR data is to improve decisions, leading to better organizational outcomes, but often HR struggles to make metrics meaningful. The opportunity is to use data and analytics to measure strategic objectives for the business and HR.

In this panel our senior HR executives will discuss:

  • The approach they are taking to provide impactful insights and storytelling through HR data and analytics.
  • How they have evolved their use of measurement from basic data to more insightful analytics.
  • The ways in which they have developed their HR team and influenced business stakeholders to measure what matters most.

Featured Speakers

Nadia Bifolchi

Director, Analytics
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Shazia Mazhar

Managing Partner
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