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Strategically Develop a 360 Feedback Process

Poor feedback skills and lack of follow through erode the value of the 360 feedback process, making the entire assessment a waste of time and resources. Overcome these common obstacles by thoughtfully designing the assessment; evaluating the state of trust, feedback maturity, and competencies; and providing sufficient training to both raters and ratees. Doing so can help employees establish a comprehensive development plan and can benefit the organization by increasing retention and engagement.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Introducing the 360 feedback assessment, its best uses, and its complications.
  • Reviewing the 360 process strategic roadmap.
  • Understanding how to use feedback effectively.

Watch this webinar to hear about McLean & Company's seven-step process that can help organizations implement an effective 360 feedback process for employee development.

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James Kim

Product Manager, HR Research & Advisory Services
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