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Blueprint Overview: Develop an Engagement Program Strategy

While many organizations run engagement surveys, the work on engagement often stops at measurement. However, employee engagement positively impacts organizational outcomes: 92% of engaged employees regularly accomplish more than what’s expected in their role, versus only 49% of disengaged employees (McLean & Company, Engagement Survey Database, 2022; N=126,852).

  • Inadequate resources are allocated to engagement programs. Although many organizations measure employee engagement at least annually, only 8% of HR’s time is prioritized for employee engagement and culture (McLean & Company, 2022 HR Trends Survey, N=405).
  • Poor communication of engagement programs has resulted in a lack of buy-in from employees and leaders.
  • Not acting on survey results is contributing to lower engagement and eroded trust for many employees.

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Shazia Mazhar

Executive Advisor
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