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Engage highly rated McLean & Company facilitators to deliver interactive and collaborative online learning experiences.

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Facilitated Session

First-Time & Experienced Leaders

3 hrs

We Bring Learners Together to Develop Vital Skills

With our online training, leaders can learn anywhere, anytime. Small cohorts, virtual facilitation, and practical activities help managers deep dive into people skills.

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The Online Leadership
Training Experience

  • 3 hours
  • 15 participants max for an individualized experience
  • Activity- and practice-based learning to hone key skills
  • Complete one session or bundle together to meet your leaders' immediate needs

Online Leadership Training Topics

Adopt Inclusive Leadership Behaviors

Train your people leaders to adopt Inclusive Leadership Behaviors that will support thoughtful people decisions, ramping up the impact their teams make on business outcomes. (Blended Learning: 1-hour eLearning + 2-hour live session)

Build Key Resilience Behaviors

Educate managers on key resilience behaviors and help them coach their teams to build resilience.

Effectively Manage Remote Teams

Train managers to lead and develop effective remote teams.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Train your people leaders to develop emotional intelligence skills that will support thoughtful business decisions, ramping up the impact their teams can make.

Give Effective Feedback and Coaching

Train managers on the importance of giving, asking for, receiving, and acting on feedback and to adopt a coaching mindset.

Lead Through Change

Train managers to navigate the challenges associated with both planned and unexpected change and to develop their communication and leadership skills.

Master Difficult Conversations

Train managers to navigate difficult conversations with team members more confidently and effectively.

Master the 3i's of Employee Engagement

Train managers to promote trust and openness by using McLean & Company's 3i's model.

Provide Impactful Feedback

Train managers to effectively give, receive, ask for, and act on feedback when the exchange involves their employees, their own managers, their peers, and the organization.

Solve Problems Using Systems Thinking

Train managers and HR professionals to use a systems-thinking approach to problem solving. (Blended Learning: 1-hour eLearning + 2-hour live session)

Build High-Performing Teams

In two three-hour sessions, a manager and their team develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and those of others. This training includes an SDI 2.0 strengths assessment for each participant with a team debrief and guided team charter build.

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Online Leadership Training Collections

Explore curated collections of four training sessions, allowing you to bundle learning together to focus on key themes that meet immediate needs in your organization — and to save when you purchase a bundle of any four trainings together.

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