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Integrated Leadership

Leaders are failing at alarming rates due to poor decision making, an inability to develop followers, and an inadequate ability to adapt. In today’s increasingly VUCA...
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Integrated Leadership Storyboard

Poor decision making, lack of followership and insufficient adaptability have led to alarming failure rates among leadership. Clearly, traditional leadership approaches...

Integrated Leadership Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for how to develop a more effective approach to leadership by improving decision making, increasing followership, and developing...

FWA Project Proposal Template

This PowerPoint proposal template is used to get executive buy-in for the FWA program. The template has been formatted to be nearly complete, leaving fill in the blanks...

Head of Human Resources

The Head of Human Resources (HHR) participates in setting strategic directives for the organization and is responsible for the overall direction of Human Resources (HR)...

Head of Learning and Development

The Head of Learning and Development (HLD) is responsible for enhancing the talent pool of Human Resources (HR) within the organization.

Project Office Manager

The role of the Project Office Manager is to establish, implement, develop, and control best practices for IT project management throughout the organization. This...

Chief Security Officer

The Chief Security Officer's role is to provide vision and leadership for developing and supporting security initiatives.

Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer's role is to align technology vision with business strategy by integrating company processes with the appropriate technologies.

Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is accountable for providing the overall strategic direction and leadership for the IT department.
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