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About SoftwareReviews

Learn about HR technology from the industry's only experience-focused review platform.

SoftwareReviews collects up to 130 data points from real software users, providing unprecedented levels of detail about enterprise software performance. Use this information to inject data into your selection process with real user feedback.

With 25+ years' experience evaluating, comparing, and recommending software, SoftwareReviews assists members in making the best HR technology decisions for their business.

  • The Most In-Depth Data

    The most comprehensive evaluation of the software experience, sourced exclusively from end users, encompasses over 130 data points for each product.

  • Experience-Based Reviews

    The SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint captures the most detailed assessment of the customer experience and what it is like working with software providers.

  • The Best Data Visualization

    Dynamic and differentiated data visualizations allow you to quickly compare vendors and provide unique insights about software performance.

  • Grounded in Research

    Trusted resources, tools, and expert analyst advice are based on over 25 years of practical experience with end users and provide peace of mind that our selection methodologies work.

  • Outcome-Focused

    SoftwareReviews focuses on providing customer outcomes and can optimize your HR software selection for functional or enterprise needs.

SoftwareReviews Reports
Gain In-Depth Insight Into Vendor Performance

With an emphasis on data visualization, we offer over 3,000 reports that will help you distill the feedback from thousands of reviewers into insightful comparisons of software performance.

  • Data Quadrant Report

    Compare all vendors on:

    • 11 common vendor capabilities
    • Category-specific software features

    Use this report to identify champions in this space, and rapidly shortlist your alternatives.

    Reports are published and updated annually.

  • Emotional Footprint Report

    Compare all vendors on:

    • The value their users place on their partnership
    • 27 measurements of the vendor relationship

    Review leaders in the areas of customer experience, strategy and innovation, contract negotiations, and how they deal with conflicts to find your best partner.

    Reports are published and updated annually.

  • Product Scorecard

    Deep dive into one vendor including:

    • Up to 130 data points on software performance
    • Public-facing user reviews and feedback

    Use this report do a deep dive into all aspects of the vendor, and dive into user feedback.

    Reports are published and updated biannually.

SoftwareReviews Awards
Review Top Performers in the Category

Award winners are announced twice annually with the report publication. All vendors in the category are eligible for awards, provided they have a minimum number of current reviews in the year.

Data Quadrant Awards

The Data Quadrant focuses on comparing product features and the table stakes capabilities necessary for every vendor.

Data Quadrant Gold Medals are awarded to the vendors that have the strongest features combined with a great experience using the software.

Emotional Footprint Awards

The Emotional Footprint diamond compares vendors' overall relationship with the perceived value of the solution.

The Emotional Footprint Champion award is given to the vendors that balance having great customer relationships with a product that delivers a strong return on investment.

SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint
Pick the Best Partner, Not Just the Best Platform

The Emotional Footprint measures 27 metrics across five aspects of the vendor relationship. Use this data to help differentiate which vendors truly act as a partner with your organization and offer value beyond basic software features.

  1. Strategy and Innovation

    Your organization and market are constantly changing, and your software partner needs to change with them. Relationships are built on your software partner's ability not only to react but also to proactively innovate against your needs.
  2. Service Experience

    Software is no longer just about the tool; it is also about the people who support it. Many people will interact with the software provider, and these interactions will play a key role in building a long-term partnership.
  3. Product Experience

    When you purchase a product, you are sold on its ability to improve your capabilities, improve processes, and be reliable. An important part of creating an emotional connection is the product's ability to keep these promises.
  4. Negotiation and Contract

    During a sales experience, your first true look into your software partner is during the negotiation and contracting phase. This helps establish the baseline of the nature of the organization you'll be working with.
  5. Conflict Resolution

    In the face of challenges, will your software provider jump in to help you, or will they hide behind a contract and leave you on your own?