The Comprehensive Competency Library has several components:

  • Tabs 2-3 will allow you to review McLean & Company’s standard core, leadership, and functional competencies.
  • The Create Custom Competencies tab allows you to create new competencies or create customized competencies based on McLean & Company’s standard competencies.
  • The Select Your Competencies tab allows you to choose the core, leadership, functional, and/or custom competencies that apply to an employee.
  • The Select Proficiency Level tab allows you to further customize your organization's competencies by choosing a level from one to four depending on the employee's expectations.
  • The Performance Management Output tab produces the final product that can be used along with performance appraisals or performance management initiatives.

Use this tool to develop a comprehensive competency library for your employees, which includes core competencies, technical competencies, and leadership competencies.

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