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Develop a Human Resources Information Systems Strategy that Supports HR, IT, and the Business

HRIS are moving from record keeping to business enabling – make sure your HRIS strategy keeps pace.

The role of HR is continuing to evolve as a strategic partner in the organization helping to drive real business value. As a result of these changes, the demands of the Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are also evolving. HRIS are moving from simply record keeping to business enabling; shifting focus from centralized administration to organizational engagement. It is now imperative that your HR technology and roadmap are aligned to organization’s priorities.

During this webinar, we discussed how a well-structured strategic effort coupled with a right-fit HR technology solution can:
  • Ensure HR activities and technology are aligned with organizational and business goals.
  • Build alignment and consensus on HRIS guiding principles across HR, Finance, and Executive.
  • Prioritize HRIS requirements and assign process accountability to process owners to ensure continued success.
  • Drive HR operating efficiency and effectiveness by identifying critical gaps and focusing efforts on value added activities.
  • Establish a solid HRIS roadmap that moves HR and IT closer to the desired target state.
  • Create a viable business case to get buy-in and approval by clearly communicating how HRIS can enable the business.

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