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CHRO Roundtable: HR Wellbeing & Resilience

McLean & Company's upcoming 2021 HR trends report found that: 50% of HR professionals strongly agree that their stress levels have increased today compared to 3 years ago (n = 456). This is not surprising, given the changes we've seen this year. From dramatic workplace changes, to employee safety and wellness, and then social justice and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – HR professionals are exhausted and burning out. With the second wave looming, HR is once again, being asked, and expected, to keep it together and lead the way. Don't let yourself or your team reach its breaking point.

We are excited to welcome a distinguished panel of senior human resources executives to share how they are managing wellness with themselves and their teams, the methods they are using to build resilience, and what they are doing within their organizations to keep people motivated and engaged as the holidays approach.

- Dyana Burke - VP of HR, Career Source

- David Coward VP of HR, Georgian College

- Mary Clement - Director HR, Ross Video

Join Mardi Walker, Executive Counselor at McLean & Company, on December 2nd at 1pm ET, as she moderates what is sure to be an enlightening and engaging discussion.

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Mardi Walker

Executive Counselor
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