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Adapt your Talent Acquisition Process to a Virtual Environment

The current pandemic pushed many organizations to shift to a remote environment, requiring HR departments to adjust their processes, programs and operations to accommodate the change - Talent Acquisition (TA) is no exception. Although some TA activities are already conducted virtually or are easily transferrable, others require significant workarounds or entirely new solutions.

Join us for our webinar on Adapting your Talent Acquisition Process to a Virtual Environment where McLean & Company analysts will discuss how TA can adapt their process and use the shift as an opportunity to improve efficiency, candidate experience and quality of hire - all while working with limited resources. Specially, we will discuss:
- How to identify and prioritize TA process activities to be addressed by a virtual solution

- Virtual solutions you can select to address prioritized activities across the TA process

- Best practices you can leverage to implement, sustain and target improvements to the virtual TA process

Featured Speakers

Jennifer Waxman

Associate Vice President, HR Advisory Services & Workshops
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Elysca Fernandes

Director, HR Research & Advisory Services
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