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Talent Acquisition Apr 9, 2014

Talent Mobility Programs: Fresh Eyes Can Deliver Big Wins

We all want to keep great employees engaged and attract the best of the best and an effective Talent Mobility Program may just be your answer. A strong Talent Mobility Program should move employees successfully through placements, develop their skills, build up future leaders and enhance the quality and innovation of business processes and services.

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Culture Apr 16, 2014

Rewards and Recognition: Are your employees feeling the love?

For many HR departments it's time to significantly improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their rewards and recognition programs.

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HR Infrastructure Apr 16, 2014

HR Budget Planning: Are you dreading the cuts?

HR is often viewed as a cost center rather than a revenue-generating center. HR needs to change that perception or else it will experience budget cuts year after year.

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Learning & Development Apr 30, 2014

Leadership Branding: How should you craft your brand?

Personal branding is getting a lot of buzz for employees at all levels, but why is this especially important for middle managers and directors?

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Talent Acquisition May 7, 2014

Sourcing Strategy: Are you missing out on top talent in the new world?

Global trends in human capital have changed the underlying principles of talent acquisition and access.

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HR Strategy May 14, 2014

Job Descriptions: Are they a necessary evil?

The topic of job descriptions may not be exciting, but they are the foundation of many strategic HR initiatives. Make sure the ground is solid.

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Learning & Development May 21, 2014

High Impact Decision Making: Is your decision making style working for you?

Effective leaders diagnose the situation when determining the method of decision making required for high impact results.

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HR Strategy May 28, 2014

Stakeholder Management: Do you have buy-in?

A stakeholder management strategy will ensure that HR gains buy-in for the function of HR from the executive team by developing healthy relationships with them.

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Talent Acquisition Jul 16, 2014

Candidate Experience: Is yours positive?

The candidates you want are out there – make sure they want you back.

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Talent Acquisition Jul 23, 2014

Interviewing: How do you uncover the right candidate efficiently?

Stop asking candidates about the color of their personality and get to the questions that matter.

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Talent Management Sep 10, 2014

Agile Succession Planning: How can you make it work for you?

Planning for talent needs 5-10 years in the future is outdated. We need a new approach.

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HR Strategy Sep 17, 2014

HR Metrics: Are yours getting a “who cares” reaction?

Develop an HR dashboard that generates insight for the business.

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Oct 15, 2014

Create a Culture of Recognition

Establish informal recognition to drive engagement, improve retention, and increase profitability.

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Nov 5, 2014

Candidate Experience: Are you impressing the best talent?

How to get better talent in the door, faster.

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Nov 19, 2014

Hone Competency-Based Selection and Interviewing Skills

Reduce your incidence of bad hires.

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HR Strategy Dec 3, 2014

Strategic HR Metrics: Select, Analyze, and Communicate

Craft a compelling story from metrics data that provides insight and proposes next steps for business optimization.

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Learning & Development Jan 21, 2015

Formalize a Learning & Development Strategy

Ensure your L&D initiatives are delivering business value.

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Culture Jan 28, 2015

The Real Key to Employee Engagement: Humanizing the Workplace

Often the simplest actions by managers have the biggest impact on employee engagement. 

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Talent Management Feb 25, 2015

Develop a Departmental Strategic Workforce Plan

Don’t get caught by surprise! Meet future talent requirements by taking action now.

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HR Strategy Mar 18, 2015

Adopt Change Management Techniques to Lead the Organization through Change

Develop HR as change facilitator to ensure that bad change doesn’t derail good projects.

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Culture Apr 8, 2015

Engage Millennials

Develop a plan to engage Millennials and reap the benefits across all generations in your workforce.

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HR Strategy Apr 22, 2015

Build HR Capabilities

Ensure competencies and capacity are ready in time to meet strategic goals.

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HR Infrastructure Apr 29, 2015

Develop a Human Resources Information Systems Strategy that Supports HR, IT, and the Business

HRIS are moving from record keeping to business enabling – make sure your HRIS strategy keeps pace.

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Culture May 13, 2015

Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset to Build Employee Resilience and Promote Innovation

Empower employees to take ownership of their development and invest in themselves as much as they invest in the organization.

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HR Strategy May 27, 2015

Develop an Effective Talent Retention Strategy

Take preventative measures to ensure your talent doesn’t walk out the door.

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Learning & Development Jun 10, 2015

Develop as an Effective CHRO

CHRO development is a self-directed pursuit, you need to own it.

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Learning & Development Jul 8, 2015

Design a 360 Degree Feedback Program

Leverage multi-rater feedback to optimize employee development.

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HR Strategy Jul 22, 2015

Glimpse the Future Using Predictive HR Analytics

Develop an analytical perspective to support evidence-based decision making that drives organizational success.

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Culture Aug 5, 2015

Adopt an "Informed Trust" Approach to Drive Employee Engagement and Business Results

Train managers to understand employee capabilities, outcome risk, and expectations related to trust giving.

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Culture Aug 19, 2015

Foster an Effective Feedback Environment

Think beyond training to ensure that feedback skills get used and provide value.

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HR Strategy Sep 9, 2015

Decrease Conflict and Increase Collaboration in the C-suite

Conflict among the executive team can derail even the best strategy.

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HR Infrastructure Sep 23, 2015

Effective Communications

A “one-size-fits-all” communication strategy is no longer sufficient in today’s complex communications environment.

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Learning & Development Oct 7, 2015

Develop a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan

Drive employee engagement and retention with a robust program that acclimates, guides, and develops new hires.

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Jan 18, 2017

McLean & Company 2017 HR Trends Report Webinar

Business professionals identify leading human capital practices for 2017. How will you adapt?

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Webcast Aug 14, 2014

Use Flexible Work Arrangements and Time Off to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Determine the right mix of FWAs for your organization.

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Webcast Feb 5, 2014

Make the Move to Agile Performance Management

This webinar will make you think differently about how performance appraisals should be done. If your organization is frustrated with the traditional annual appraisal, then you should attend this webinar.

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Webcast Oct 2, 2013

Inform, Interact, and Involve Your Way to Engagement

This webinar will get you thinking differently about how to improve your culture to increase employee engagement through our "3I" model.

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Webcast Jul 24, 2013

Optimize the Global Talent Mobility Program

Global talent mobility is no longer about implanting "home office" leaders in foreign countries – it's about stationing the best talent in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

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