Webinar FAQs

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  1. How can I get a recording of a webinar?

    A webinar will be available on-demand within a few days of the live event. A list of all our on-demand webinars is available here.

  2. Is there a charge for attending a webinar?

    There is no charge for our valuable webinars. Forward your email to any colleagues you think may benefit from this discussion.

  3. Can I invite other people to this webinar?

    That would be great! Simply forward your invitation email to anyone you think may want to attend. They can register themselves on the linked page.

  4. What hardware/software do I need to attend a webinar?

    You will need speakers or a headset to hear the audio portion of this webinar as it will be run through your computer.

  5. I can’t hear the audio, what do I do?

    There could be several issues. First, ensure your speakers are turned up. If that does not work, try logging out of the event, and logging back in. If you still can’t hear the audio, notify the host of the event via the chat function.

  6. I can’t log into the webinar, what do I do?

    First, ensure that the event window hasn’t started in the background of your screen. Next, try the link again. If you still can’t log into the webinar,  contact us for assistance.

  7. The timing doesn’t work for my time zone. Will you be holding these webinars at other times?

    Unfortunately we are not able to run multiple events for different time zones. However, we will be posting the recordings of all the webinars within a few business days of the event. A list of all our on-demand webinars is available here.

  8. The registration form doesn’t look like it’s working for me. Why am I not seeing any confirmation notice?

    Do you have Internet Explorer version 7 or 8, or are you running Windows XP? If so, you will need to update your browser as our forms do not support these older browsers. Alternatively you can contact us to let us know which webinar you would like to attend.

  9. I can’t attend. Can someone else come in my place?

    Certainly. Just forward the invitation email that we sent to you, to the person you would like to attend. They can register themselves via the link in the email.

  10. How can I find out about future webinars?

    Visit our Webinar home page to see a schedule of any upcoming webinars.


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