Non-Monetary Rewards - Tools & Templates

Recognition Program Guide

Use this template to outline the structure of the recognition program.

Recognition Ideas Catalog

Use this catalog to explore proven approaches to formal and day-to-day recognition.

Employee Recognition Survey Questions

Use this template to design a survey to gather employee feedback on recognition preferences.

Guide to Flexible Work for Managers and Employees

Use this tool to guide managers through the flexible work program.

Employee Wellbeing Infographic

Share this one-page infographic with employees to educate them about the dimensions of employee wellbeing and what wellbeing resources are being offered by the organization.

Total Rewards Employee Question Bank

Leverage McLean & Company’s Total Rewards Employee Question Bank to collect additional information from employees on total rewards preferences.

Total Rewards Strategy Workbook

Use this workbook to document decisions that need to be made while building a Total Rewards strategy.

Four-Day Work Week Guide

Use this guide to support the implementation of a four-day work week.

Flexible Work Options Catalog

Use this tool to review flexible work options and create a shortlist for the feasibility assessment.

Targeted Flexible Work Program Workbook

Use this tool to document key information and decisions as you work through the Develop a Targeted Flexible Work Program research.
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