Total Rewards

Develop a Targeted Flexible Work Program Storyboard

Organizations who fail to offer flexibility will have a difficult time attracting, recruiting and retaining talent. It is vital to equip organizations with the...

Request for Review Template

Use this form to initiate a job worth hierarchy appeal.

Workshop Overview: Create a Holistic Employee Wellbeing Program

Engage McLean & Company facilitators to lead your team through the Create a Holistic Employee Wellbeing Program workshop.

Wellbeing Initiatives Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and select an appropriate mixture of employee wellbeing initiatives to address the needs to the organization and its employees.

Job Architecture People Leader FAQ Template

Use this tool to help the HR team effectively communicate the job architecture framework to people leaders and address any questions or concerns.

Flexible Work Options Catalog

Use this tool to review flexible work options and create a shortlist for the feasibility assessment.

The Rise of Organizational Transparency

Use this resource to review the benefits and risks of transparency, the levels of McLean’s transparency spectrum, organizational readiness criteria for improving...

Develop a Job Architecture Framework

Without a structured approach, job titles can cause significant headaches over the long-term. Create a consistent approach to job titling that supports internal equity...

The Rise of Organizational Transparency Storyboard

External pressures and employee expectations are pushing organizations toward transparency. Select the right level and embed transparency into different area of the...

Four-Day Work Week Guide

Use this guide to support the implementation of a four-day work week.
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