Talent Management - Tools & Templates

Performance Review Template

Use this template during each check-in meeting to capture accomplishments and feedback.

Modern Performance Management Presentation Template

Use this template to introduce the new PM framework to managers and employees.

Create an Inclusive Promotion Process and Policy

Use this guide to create an inclusive promotion process and policy in support of performance management.

Job Family Summary Template

Use this template to capture job-related information for job families.

Future Skills Workbook

Use this workbook to capture key information and decisions throughout the skill assessment process.

Performance Improvement Plan Template

Use this template to help managers organize the process, document the employees' action plan, and track their progress.

Role Plays: Equip Managers to Have Effective Performance Appraisal Discussions

Use these role play scenarios during training on effective performance appraisal conversations to give managers the opportunity to put their learning into action.

Turnover Tracking Tool

Use this tool to record and track turnover data over time.

Individual Talent Profile Template

Use this template to assess an employee against the role profile of a critical role.

Succession Planning Workflow Tool

Use this tool to capture all the key components of your succession plan prior to designing it, such as your integrated talent management functions, key players, and tools.
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