Candidate Assessment - Storyboard

Training Deck: Equip Managers to Recruit Quality Staff

Use this training deck to conduct management training sessions on effective recruitment. Customize this training deck with your organization's internal processes to...

Adapt the Talent Acquisition Process to a Virtual Environment Storyboard

After the global COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant decrease in onsite work, many organizations have struggled to acquire talent remotely. However, with a virtual...

Streamline the Internal Hiring Process Storyboard

Employees frequently leave organizations due to a perceived lack of internal opportunities. A focus on internal talent mobility will lead to cost savings, retention of...

Case Studies: Streamline the Internal Hiring Process

Refer to these case studies for an example of internal talent mobility (ITM) processes.

Workshop: Streamline the Internal Hiring Process

Use this workshop outline to complete a three-day workshop for the Streamline the Internal Hiring Process project.

Determine the Right Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution for Your Organization Storyboard

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) isn't for everyone, but it can be essential to freeing up TA resources for strategic projects. Determine whether an RPO solution is...

Design In-House Assessments That Improve Hiring Success Storyboard

Hiring the right talent is a challenge for many organizations. Testing candidates for job-related competencies improves the quality of new hires and informs them of the...
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