Learning Content Curator

The Learning Content Curator sources, organizes, and distributes high-quality, relevant learning content to employees, often hosted on multiple platforms and delivered...

Implement Curated Learning

Learning drives organizational success by developing employees with the skills they need to be productive and engaged in their roles. Implement curated learning to supply...
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Curated Learning Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to facilitate focus groups designed to understand learners' needs.

Learner Profile Template

Use this template to create learner profiles and ensure L&D offerings are aligned with their needs.

Curated Learning Workbook

Use this tool throughout the curated learning design process to document, track, and evaluate essential information.

Implement Curated Learning Executive Briefing

Use this guide to support L&D professionals looking to leverage curated content.

Implement Curated Learning Storyboard

Modernize L&D by using curated learning to give learners the right content, at the right time.

Case Studies: Implement Curated Learning

Refer to these case studies for examples of implementing curated learning.

Implement a Job Rotation Program Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives to improve internal talent mobility and employee development with a job rotation program.

Implement a Job Rotation Program Storyboard

Give employees a better perspective of the organization and alleviate job dissatisfaction and monotony though a job rotation program that builds key capabilities. 
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