Learning & Development

Be Aware of Bias With Generative AI – Infographic

The infographic educates on identifying and mitigating bias in generative AI to promote fair and equitable AI-generated outcomes.

Think Critically to Select Effective Generative AI Use Cases in Your Role – Infographic

This infographic advises leaders on choosing the right tasks for generative AI in their work, suggesting a focus on high-impact, low-risk tasks and communicating the...

Map Your Plan to Enhance Your Digital Skills – Infographic

This infographic outlines a proactive approach to prioritizing and refining digital competencies that are essential for professional advancement and success in the modern...

Reflect on Generative AI Outputs Using Critical Thinking – Infographic

This infographic instructs emerging leaders on how to critically evaluate generative AI outputs, focusing on the recency, relevancy, and accuracy of the information...

Develop Leadership Presence Through Storytelling

The guide provides emerging leaders with techniques to strengthen their leadership presence and communication skills through storytelling. It focuses on crafting...

Develop Leadership Presence Through Storytelling – Learning Guide for Emerging Leaders

Share this guide with emerging leaders to enhance their storytelling skills to build leadership presence, establish meaningful connections, and secure organizational support.

Cultivate Authenticity in Your Storytelling – Infographic

This infographic provides emerging leaders with key takeaways for making genuine connections through authenticity within their storytelling.

Outline Your Story Using the SAR Framework

Share this tool with emerging leaders to assist with structuring compelling narratives to strengthen leadership presence.

Explore the “Develop Leadership Presence Through Storytelling” Learning Guide for Emerging Leaders – HR Guide

This short guide provides HR professionals with advice on how to customize and share the "Develop Leadership Presence Through Storytelling" learning resource to emerging...

Knowing What You Don't Know – A Tool to Understanding Your Audience Better

Share this tool with emerging leaders to help them think about their audience before crafting a story to align your messaging with their needs and preferences.
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