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Tip Sheet for Buddies

Share this one-page tip sheet with buddies to provide a summary of key responsibilities, tips, and talking points to leverage throughout the relationship.

Buddy System Checklist for Managers

Use this checklist to provide managers with a comprehensive list of actions they can take to ensure their new employee benefits from the buddy system.

Implement a Buddy System at Work

Build a consistent way for peer mentors to help onboard employees new to their role.

Develop a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan

Only 37% of respondents and 30% of non-HR respondents rated their onboarding efforts as effective (McLean & Company, 2018 HR Trends Report; N=408). Our data shows that...
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Learning in Action: Dynamic Learning Mindset for Managers

Use this handout to remind learners of core concepts learned in the Dynamic Learning Mindset manager training.

Training Deck: Equip Managers to Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Use this training deck to train managers to develop and actively support a dynamic learning mindset in themselves and across their teams to promote innovation,...

DLM Handbook for Managers

This handbook will allow participants to take notes and complete activities during the Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset training.

DLM Manager Role Plays

Use these role plays to allow participants to practice guiding employees in applying a DLM in their work.

Knowledge Check: Dynamic Learning Mindset for Managers

Use this knowledge check after training managers on dynamic learning mindset to assess their understanding of the content.

Equip Managers to Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Organizations that embrace the values of a dynamic learning mindset (DLM) have a workforce that is better at adopting change, is more resilient, and has higher levels of...
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