Learning & Development - Tools & Templates

Senior Leader Interview Guide

Use this template to guide individual interviews with senior leaders in the organization to inform the leadership strategy.

Leadership Strategy Focus Group Guide

Use this template to document insights gained from employees during focus groups regarding leadership strategy needs.

Leadership PESTLE Analysis Template

Use this template to conduct a PESTLE analysis of the external environments effecting leaders today.

Leadership SWOT Analysis Template

Use this template to conduct a SWOT analysis and evaluate the organization's current state of leadership.

Curated Learning Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to facilitate focus groups designed to understand learners' needs.

Curated Learning Workbook

Use this tool throughout the curated learning design process to document, track, and evaluate essential information.

Learner Profile Template

Use this template to create learner profiles and ensure L&D offerings are aligned with their needs.

Microlearning: An Introduction to Biases and Heuristics

Use this microlearning as an introduction to biases and heuristics.

Microlearning: Give Feedback

Providing constructive feedback can be a struggle. Use this microlearning as a guide to reinforce how you can effectively communicate constructive feedback and understand...

Job Rotation Tracking Tool

Use this tool to track relevant information from incoming job rotation applications.
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