Leadership Development - Blueprints

Prepare People Leaders for the Hybrid Work Environment

Employees are now expecting flexibility with work. Many organizations recognize this desire and the benefits of hybrid work but often overlook the complexity and...
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Train Managers to Master Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are difficult for a reason and managers often evade handling them or conduct them poorly. When managers avoid discussing important issues it can...
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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Understanding emotions and adapting behavior accordingly is not an innate ability. Emotional intelligence in the workplace can be developed to improve relationships and...
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Negotiate With Empathy

Negotiating is often thought of negatively. However, negotiation helps us find common ground. Help managers negotiate with empathy to achieve objectives and strengthen...
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Succeed as a CHRO With a Leadership Development Program

Industry disruption, organizational complexity, technological changes, and external risks are continuing to change the world of work and, as a result, the role of the...
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Navigate Team Dynamics

Leaders are responsible for creating a team environment that allows team members to successfully achieve common goals. Help managers of all levels effectively navigate...
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Train Managers to Influence Organizational Stakeholders

Conventional wisdom dictates that projects or tasks are directed by a designated leader using their inherent authority, experience, or inspiration to sustain desired...
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Enable the Transition to Leadership for First-Time Managers

Developing managers is akin to developing leaders, and although executive leadership programs are sexier and more high profile, they may also come too late. Proactively...
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