Inclusive Language Guide

Embedding inclusive language in written communications ensures organizations use language that acknowledges the diverse identities of the audience to foster respect and...
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HR Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to establish the actions and communications required to implement the project.

LMS Download: HR Financial Literacy: Understanding the Basics

This interactive microlearning will help you become familiar with the basics of financial literacy and is intended to interact seamlessly with your organization’s...

File Storage and Sharing Policy

Data security is an urgent issue for any organization. Ensure your employees preserve the integrity of your organization's information by implementing a robust policy.

Guide to Measuring the ROI of HR Programs Storyboard

Use this research to explore key concepts related to measuring and communicating the return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI) of HR programs.

ROI Program Assessment Tool

Use this tool to determine and prioritize which HR programs to evaluate ROI for based on suitability and urgency.

ROI Calculator Tool

Use this tool to calculate the financial return on investment (ROI) of an HR program and track intangible outcomes to demonstrate the program's overall value on...

Measuring the ROI of an HR Program Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to communicate the return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI) of your HR program.

Communication Channels Catalog

Use this catalog to review and select communication channels to support the organizational internal communication strategy.

Internal Communications Strategy Presentation Template

Use this template to present the organization’s Internal Communications strategy and plan to stakeholders.
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