HR Strategy

Employee Resilience Questions

Use this template for recommended questions to use in a resilience behaviors questionnaire.

Create a People Strategy Storyboard

Without additional resources, HR departments must do more with less to provide value to the organization. Using a targeted people strategy, HR can prioritize the most...

HR Resilience Interview Guide

Use this guide to conduct one-on-one interviews with HR practitioners and uncover how resilience needs differ for HR.

Task Analysis Framework Example

Use this example as a starting point to develop the HR Employee Task Analysis Survey.

Job Description Launch Deck

Use this presentation template to facilitate training with managers to introduce the new job description templates and process during project launch.

Optimize Span of Control Storyboard

Striving to optimize span of control, or the number of direct reports assigned to a manager, is an important part of the organizational design strategy. Use this...

HR Shared Services Business Case Template

Use this template to compose a compelling business case to gain executive buy-in and support for a tailored HR shared service model.

Job Description Tracking Tool

Use this tool to evaluate the current state of job descriptions and track the progress of updating job descriptions.

Case Studies: Develop a Resilient Workforce

Refer to these case studies for examples of organizations who have undertaken resilience building efforts.

Job Description Template – Streamlined

Use this template to standardize the content in job descriptions. HR and managers overseeing the position should collaborate to write effective streamlined job descriptions.
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