HR Strategy

HR Services: Employee Satisfaction Survey Tool

HR satisfaction surveys provide valuable feedback on the quality of your employee-facing HR services. This tool will help you measure service levels across different HR...

Nudges: A Paradigm for HR to Influence Employee Behavior Storyboard

Employees are often unaware of the impact that biases and heuristics have on their decisions. Map out the decision-making process of employees and develop ethical nudges...

Ten Ways to Connect With Your Employees During a Crisis

Use this guide to discover best practices to keep in contact with employees, teams, and the entire organization during a crisis.

LMS Download: An Introduction to Data Literacy

This interactive eLearning module is the first in a series of three modules that target core principles of Data Literacy for HR Professionals. It is intended to interact...

HR Structure Catalog

This guide will help identify possible options for restructuring an HR department.

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace

Is a fundamental shift toward a skills-based talent sharing model using a talent marketplace platform right for your organization?

Turnover Tracking Tool

Use this tool to record and track turnover data over time.

HR Functional Capability Framework

Use this framework to find definitions of each HR function's capability.

Strategy Exploration Guide

Use this guide to understand and conduct the analyses and activities recommended by the Strategy Discovery Tool.

Develop a Resilient Workforce Storyboard

A rapidly changing world of work affects all employees and demands a resilient workforce to adapt to its affects. However, resiliency isn't an inherited trait. Rather,...
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