Work Environment

Personal Network Analysis Tool

Use this tool to assess the diversity of your personal network at work.

Network Activation Action Plan

As part of the Activate Networks to Enable Collaboration Training Deck, complete this action plan to document tangible things that you can do to help your team members...

Samples of Collaboration Technology Maps

Use this template to find instructions and samples of actual completed inventories of collaboration technology.

Standard Project Charter

This template should be used to create a charter for your project team with a formal outline and sign-off of key project information.

Collaboration Ideas Catalog

Use this catalog to explore solutions that can increase collaboration across functions or departments.

Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration Worksheet

Use this tool to identify solutions that are applicable to your organization and record a description of your chosen solutions.

Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for improving cross-functional collaboration.

Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration

Increasing complexity, both inside organizations and in the external environment, is resulting in more challenging problems. To address these, different types of...
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Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration Storyboard

Bringing together specialized skills and knowledge through cross-functional collaboration is crucial for organizations today. However, traditional solutions require a...

Case Studies: Sustain Work-From-Home in the New Normal

There are numerous different ways to sustain work-from-home (WFH) in the new normal. These case studies provide examples of how organizations adapted the way they work to...
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