When Panic and Anxiety Come to Work

When you have mental health conditions, including panic attacks and anxiety, it’s unpredictable when they will impact you – you cannot choose whether they will follow you to work or not. Unfortunately, mental health conditions can carry a stigma and therefore are difficult to discuss. However, it’s important to feel you can share the information with your managers, and in turn it’s important for managers to understand how to support employees who disclose with them. Collectively striving toward openness and honesty helps create a path forward for everyone to feel understood and be able to bring their whole selves to work. In this video you will:

  • Hear Ralph’s journey through the cloud of stigma and doubt before and after diagnosis.
  • Realize that breaking the barrier of silence can both relieve baseline anxiety and open the door to create an environment of transparency, honesty, and compassion.
  • Appreciate the importance of sharing what you’re growing through, and of contributing to a safe and supportive environment to remove the stigma around mental health.
  • Explore collaborative ways to support employees navigating mental health challenges in the workplace.

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About the Speaker

Ralph Kellogg serves as the Vice President for People Training at Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska. He has an extensive background in strategic planning, training, corporate communications, and human resources, to include the areas of employee relations and labor union management. In addition to his work at Lutheran Family Services, Kellogg works as a human resources consultant for area small businesses and non-profit organizations, and as a keynote speaker in the areas of mental health and mental well-being in the workplace. He has been published in Forbes.com, the Society for Human Resources Management Blog, and the HR Gazette focusing on topics such as workplace culture, team management, and diversity and inclusion. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to Ralph Kellogg on LinkedIn.

Guest Speaker

Ralph Kellogg

Vice President for People Training at Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska