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Webinar: CHRO Roundtable: Succession Planning: We've known it is coming for decades, are we ready?

Take a minute and ask yourself the following questions:

1. If you were to leave your organization tomorrow, which employees would be the strongest candidates for stepping into your role?

2. Would those candidates need training? If so, what type?

While the obvious successor to a role may be the person who is immediately next in line in the organizational chart, don't discount how tricky these situations may be. It isn't always obvious when there is a sudden and potentially disorienting staff departure, as organizations don't often know who will leave, when, and how their roles will be immediately filled. And with a potential talent flight risk on the horizon, now is the time to plan for these situations.

In this webinar our panel of senior HR executives will discuss:

How their succession planning strategy is keeping with changing organizational needs.

What succession planning needs to evolve in order to meet changing employee expectations.

What success factors they believe design a high-value succession planning program.

Featured Speaker

Mardi Walker

Executive Counselor
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