The Purpose Effect

Purpose drives people. It propels us to achieve our best, to live life fully, and to serve others. But it’s very helpful if your personal purpose is aligned to your role’s purpose and your organization’s purpose. For those who don’t find harmony between the three aspects, feelings of uneasiness and instability arise, which can result in disengagement from your work and the company you work for. In this video you will:

  • Learn what the three types of purpose are and understand how they work together.
  • Look at examples of purpose-driven people who employ their purpose in the work they do.
  • Create your personal purpose statement to find and enact a purpose-driven mindset every day.

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About the Speaker

Dan Pontefract is the founder and CEO of The Pontefract Group, a firm that improves the state of leadership and organizational culture.

He is the bestselling author of four books: LEAD. CARE. WIN.: How to Become a Leader Who Matters, OPEN TO THINK, THE PURPOSE EFFECT, and FLAT ARMY. A renowned speaker, Dan has presented at four different TED events and writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Dan is an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business and has garnered more than 20 industry awards over his 25-year career with TELUS, SAP, and BCIT.

Dan is honored to be on the Thinkers50 Radar list. HR Weekly listed him as one of its 100 Most Influential People in HR for 2021. And PeopleHum listed Dan on the Top 200 Thought Leaders to Follow in 2021. His third book, OPEN TO THINK won the 2019 getAbstract International Book of the Year.

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Guest Speaker

Dan Pontefract

Founder and CEO, The Pontefract Group