The Power of Meaning

There is a cultural belief that happiness is the greatest goal we can pursue, while obtaining meaning in life takes years of spiritual study and practice and therefore remains out of grasp for most. However, Emily Esfahani Smith’s research reveals that meaning is not as unobtainable as we imagine and that it has a more profound and lasting effect than happiness alone. By applying Emily’s four pillars, you can experience meaning in your everyday life. In this video you will:

  • Learn from the lessons of positive psychology and Viktor Frankl.
  • Understand how creating meaning offers benefits beyond happiness alone.
  • Discover four pillars that will help you pursue your own personal meaning in life.

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About the Speaker

Emily Esfahani Smith is the author of The Power of Meaning, an international bestseller. Smith's articles about psychology and culture have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic. Smith received her master’s degree in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a clinical psychology doctoral student at Catholic University. In 2017, she delivered a talk on the mainstage of TED that's been viewed over 10 million times.

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Guest Speaker

Emily Esfahani Smith

Author, speaker, and journalist