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Post-Hire Survey – Hiring Manager

Use the Post-Hire Survey – Hiring Manager to gather feedback from hiring managers to help assess the talent acquisition process.

Drive Organizational Success With Purposefully Sourced Talent

For most organizations, sourcing occurs after a job opening, rather than before, as organizations are focused on reactive hiring. Sourcing will become increasingly...
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Drive Organizational Success With Purposefully Sourced Talent Storyboard

Pressure on HR to source effectively is increasing as talent acquisition is faced with talent shortages and a crowded marketplace. Build a purposeful sourcing approach...

Drive Organizational Success With Purposefully Sourced Talent Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives and identify the impact purposeful sourcing has on Talent Acquisition's effectiveness.

Sourcing Analysis Tool

Use this tool to assess the current sourcing approach and evaluate results in terms of process, programs, and people.

Competency Analysis Handout

Provide this template to talent acquisition specialists to perform a self-evaluation against seven competencies key to sourcing effectively in today's competitive talent...

Sourcing Plan Template

Use this template to plan for anticipated and unanticipated roles identified in the strategic workforce plan (SWP) and build a talent pipeline.

Intake Meeting Guide

Use this template to understand the hiring managers' needs during the intake meeting.

Job Ad Guide

Use this template as a guide to create attractive, eye-catching job advertisements.

Sourcing Program Action Planning Tool

Use this tool to build action plans that optimize or develop talent acquisition sourcing programs.
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