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CHRO Roundtable: 2021 Top Three HR Priorities

McLean & Company's 2021 HR Trends Report found that the top three priorities HR is facing in 2021 are recruiting, developing leaders, and managing labor costs while maximizing labor spend (N=850). Despite the immense change HR has experienced over the last year, these priorities have remained the same year over year. However, new challenges and new solutions related to these priorities are helping to reshape HR.

This CHRO Roundtable webinar features Dr. DeRetta Rhodes, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer of the Atlanta Braves, Phil Dana, Head of HR for Dendron, and Heather Krablin, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of WFG National Title Insurance Company. In this recording, they:

  • Share their experiences and perspectives for each of the three priority areas.
  • Describe the methods they are using to successfully manage these priorities.
  • Explain what they foresee over the next year for HR.

Featured Speaker

Karen Mann

Senior Vice President, Human Resources Research, Learning & Advisory Services
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