Compensation Structure - Tools & Templates

Salary Assessment Tool

Use this tool to conduct a salary assessment at your organization.

Job Evaluation Participant Guide

Customize this template to provide job evaluation participants with key information to understand the job evaluation process.

Market Data Sources by Industry

Use this tool to review a list of market data sources by industry. McLean & Company is not affiliated with or endorsing any of these market data sources.

Salary Administration Guidelines

Use this template to establish salary controls in order to avoid salary pain in the future.

STIP Design Tool

Use this tool to record a high-level plan for the STIP, experiment with STIP design, and observe impacts to estimated payouts.

Short-Term Incentive Plan Overview Template

Use this template to share key information about the STIP structure and payouts with participants.

Base Pay Structure Tool

Create a base pay structure that is internally and externally equitable by balancing the internal job worth hierarchy with external market competitiveness.

Pay Transparency and Communications Plan

Develop a pay transparency strategy that suits your organization and draft a communications plan that aligns to your strategic objectives.

Base Pay Increase and Bonus Approach Tool

Use the Base Pay Increase and Bonus Approach Tool to design an approach that is tailored to the organization.

EVP and Employer Brand Promotion Plan

Promoting the EVP and employer brand using a tailored communication style for your desired audience is critical to creating a personal connection with the brand and a...
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