Compensation Structure - Tools & Templates

Salary Administration Guidelines

Use this template to establish salary controls in order to avoid salary pain in the future.

Salary Structure Assessment Tool

Use this tool to conduct a salary structure assessment at your organization in conjuction with McLean & Company's blueprint, Conduct a Salary Structure Assessment.

STIP Design Tool

Use this tool to record a high-level plan for the STIP, experiment with STIP design, and observe impacts to estimated payouts.

Short-Term Incentive Plan Overview Template

Use this template to share key information about the STIP structure and payouts with participants.

Base Pay Structure Tool

Create a base pay structure that is internally and externally equitable by balancing the internal job worth hierarchy with external market competitiveness.

Pay Transparency and Communications Plan

Develop a pay transparency strategy that suits your organization and draft a communications plan that aligns to your strategic objectives.

Base Pay Increase and Bonus Approach Tool

Use the Base Pay Increase and Bonus Approach Tool to design an approach that is tailored to the organization.

EVP Scorecard

Before finalizing the EVP, it is important to validate your overarching statement with internal and external audiences to ensure the message meets the necessary criteria...

EVP Scorecard Handout

Obtaining feedback from internal audiences is imperative to ensure the final EVP resonates with current employees and differentiates the organization from competitors.

EVP Programs and Policies Assessment

In order to adopt the EVP internally, it is important that HR's policies and programs reinforce all aspects of the EVP. Review the areas of misalignment and draft a...
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