Compensation Structure - Storyboard

Develop a Balanced Flexible Work Program Storyboard

While many organizations offer some form of flexible work arrangements, employees are often unable to use them. Create a program that identifies what employees value...

Manager Training Deck: Equip Managers to Conduct Effective Pay Conversations

Pay discussions can have a profound impact on employee engagement and retention. Ensure your managers are prepared to effectively navigate them by providing comprehensive...

Maximize the Effectiveness of Short-Term Incentive Plans Storyboard

This storyboard will guide you through the development of a clear, aligned short-term incentive plan that drives key behaviors.

Design a Base Pay Structure Storyboard

A defined approach to base pay is essential to boost employee engagement and increase employee attraction and retention. Create a base pay structure that is defensible,...

Evolve Pay for Performance Storyboard

Tailor your organization's base pay increase and bonus approach to be effective in today's VUCA environment.

Develop a Strong EVP to Attract Top Talent Storyboard

Your organization's reputation as an employer is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. An accurate and engaging EVP will provide the foundation for your...

Storyboard: Conduct an Annual Salary Assessment

Competitive compensation is a moving target. It can, and often does, change quickly. This makes regularly assessing competitiveness crucial; you want to ensure that your...
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