Key Roles Succession Planning Tool

Succession planning mitigates the risk of lost knowledge by ensuring you consistently have the required skills and knowledge to meet business goals. Use this tool to...

Implement Flexible Succession Plans to Support Organizational Continuity Storyboard

This storyboard will guide you through creating a succession plan for critical roles using role groups and talent pools so that you can become more agile in the...

Implement Flexible Succession Plans to Support Organizational Continuity Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for flexible succession planning to increase retention, reduce time to fill, and improve career development.

Flexible Succession Planning Tracking Tool

This tool will help you document and track the components of your flexible succession planning, including critical roles, role profiles, role groups, role group profiles,...

Talent Profile Guide

This template will help managers document their employees' credentials to understand if they are a proper fit for talent pools.

Role Transition Plan Template

Use this template in conjunction with the Knowledge Transfer Job Aid to effectively track the transition between roles.

Design a High-Value Succession Planning Program Executive Briefing

Use this executive briefing to make the case to your executive team for designing a high-value succession planning program.

Succession Planning Workflow Tool

Use this tool to capture all the key components of your succession plan prior to designing it, such as your integrated talent management functions, key stakeholders, and...

Succession Planning Program Charter Template

Use this template to document the direction of your succession planning program.

Role Profile Template

Use this template to outline the minimum requirements for your critical roles.
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