Succession Planning

Succession planning is not just a process, but a program that involves identifying, developing, and placing the right talent in critical roles to ensure the continued successful operation of the organization. When executed effectively, it can ensure business continuity, retention, and growth. However, succession plans are often focused solely on executives and senior leaders, leaving organizations vulnerable and unprepared when turnover occurs in critical roles at lower levels. Lack of integration with other talent management initiatives across the organization also leads to lost opportunities for cross-functional movement and development. The importance of business continuity shines a spotlight on the value of succession planning. Given its linkages to such a wide breadth of HR programs, a poorly designed succession planning program can do more harm than good. Succession plans add the most value when they are aligned with business priorities, are focused on critical roles and identifying, assessing and developing the talent pool to fill those roles. McLean & Company offers our members practical, step-by-step project blueprints, training, tools, templates, assessments, and surveys to help HR leaders design a high-value succession plan that supports organizational continuity. In addition, expert guidance and interactive workshops are also available across a range of topics to enhance and accelerate project completion.

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