A comprehensive competency framework provides organizations and their employees with a common understanding of the knowledge, skills, and attributes required to achieve organizational goals and remain competitive. Establishing this common frame of reference enables organizations to align talent acquisition and performance management to business needs, invest in the most impactful learning and development initiatives, and prepare successors for key job roles. Given its extensive reach across the organization, stakeholders at all levels must be engaged to develop the most relevant competency framework and gain buy-in. Implementation of the competency framework requires leadership support, manager and employee training, as well as alignment within other HR functions. The competency framework creates a common language to unite the organization by outlining core competencies, leadership and functional competencies as well as key behaviors that reinforce the mission, vision, values and culture of the organization. McLean & Company offers our members practical, step-by-step project blueprints, training, tools, templates, assessments, and surveys to help HR leaders simplify the process of developing a comprehensive competency framework. In addition, expert guidance and interactive workshops are also available across a range of topics to enhance and accelerate project completion.

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